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Munley Chiropractic Center offers Dedicated Care and Education for the whole family. Dr. Munley’s mission is to educate, adjust and empower individuals and families to a better quality of life with natural methods.

"Don't Sit on Your Wallet"

chiropractor vernon nj

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>>>The best exercise is in the pool. You can’t beat swimming or any exercise that involves moving around in a pool. Water provides resistance but doesn’t pound your joints like running.

>>>Feet are the most overlooked part of the body. This is true especially as we get older. If your fee hurt, you are going to start leaning, and then your knees will hurt. Just take off your shoes once in a while, maybe during commercials, and scrunch up your toes. Or use your toes to pick up a marble or round stone.

>>>Wallets change how you sit. I see so many men carrying a wallet in their back pocket. This is a major cause of lower back pain. Every time you sit on that wallet you are distorting the lower lumbar portion of your spine. This can eventually weaken and destabilize the spine. So get off your wallet!

>>>Muscles are the heroes. As we age, the joints, ligaments and cartilage wear down, and we rely on muscles to stabilize ball joints in the hips and shoulders. Exercise keeps these joints working pain free.


An aspect of health and wellness often overlooked is our posture and the bad habits we form and repeat. Poor posture and bad habits cause unnecessary spine and joint “wear and tear” leading to muscles functioning inefficiently. Over time, the cumulative effect is tight, fatigued, painful muscles, nerves and joints (arthritis). Left uncorrected, you’re less mobile and active, not to mention and even worse, organs are “crowded”, there’s decreased blood flow and you become prone to tripping and falling.

>>>Crossing legs at knees
>>>Sitting on wallet, uneven surfaces
>>>Carrying purse/laptop bag on one shoulder (carry with strap crossing chest)
>>>Looking down while reading and texting
>>>Watching TV at an angle

>>>From sitting to standing, come toward the edge of the chair, keep back straight, use legs and arms to come up
>>>Be examined for fallen arches
>>>Wear functional, supportive shoes (many people benefit from custom made orthotics)
>>>Stretch throughout the day/Scrunch toes
>>>Become active with exercise classes: (sitting/gentle) yoga, tai chi, water exercise, pilates, etc
>>>Consult with a Chiropractor, Physical/Massage Therapist and/or Exercise Instructor for everyday good posture exercises, specific to your needs

As you read this, ask yourself, how is your posture. Remember the 5 P’s:


Clients share their experience

I spend most of my day hunched over, staring at a computer screen for my job. I was having pain in my shoulders, neck and base of my skull. Seeing Dr. Munley has naturally and effectively treated my issues. He also gave me tips to reduce future issues!
Anna M
I have seen Dr. Munley at various times over the years for different conditions...back, neck and leg issues. I always walk out feeling better with good advice on what to do on my own to keep feeling better. Thank you Dr. Munley!
Chuck M
Being a hairdresser, I get tense shoulders and back pain from being on my feet all day. Dr. Munley is very informative and takes great care while treating you. He specializes in cranial work which I think is another word for "magic". It is truly amazing how effective it is.
Nicole A

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